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Datingte ru

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The following is an overview of official reactions in Russia to the White House press office's statement, warning that the Syrian government is preparing to launch a chemical weapons attack.[1] Russia denounced the statement and the appended American warning and charged that the ...

On March 12, 2017, just four days after International Women's Day, Jamila Al-Obaidi, a Sunni member of the Iraqi Parliament from the National Coalition, convened a press conference calling for the promotion of polygamy and the rescinding of restrictions imposed on it by the law i...

Het heerschap in kwestie was echter zo gekwetst dat hij besloot dat het meest gelezen blog in Nederland achter de Twitteraar aanmoest, en zette het prompt op de voorpagina van Geen Stijl.

Zij lacht met een klein groepje om je half-anonieme Tinderberichtje, waarbij ze wat (gefaalde) moeite deed om je identiteit te beschermen?

Zo ook gisteren: een Twitteraar had een medewerker van Thierry Baudet ‘aan de lijn’, en zette zijn “het patriarchaat is onzin”-berichtje online.

The boycott, according to these countries, comes in res...

Aleksandr Kalyadin a Russian security and disarmament expert and a senior research associate at the Primakov Center for International Security of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations as well as a member of the Academy of Military Studies wrote an article tit...

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