Adult dating sites webcams scams

Posted by / 11-Aug-2016 06:12

Adult dating sites webcams scams

And just as dating sites cater to different niches, scammers also tailor their frauds, depending on the clientele of the service.

Rather than the “romance scam” fraud seen on many dating websites, scammers on mobile apps are instead using advanced lovebots to lure in their victims, or by posing as prostitutes.

Initially on dating sites, they now operate on general social networks like Facebook and on professional social networks like Linked In or Viadeo.

Whether on dating sites (all sites are affected) or social networks, the scam is established in the same way.

From the first contact, the scammer will initiate a conversation and pretend to be a man or a woman depending on their target's preferences.

The second type were those promoting a third party – such as bots pushing mobile games like Castle Clash, which last April invaded Tinder, creating a lot of negative media attention for the company.

After users matched with the bots, the “women” would strike up a conversation, quickly ask whether their match had heard of a game, and send them a link – in the case of the Castle Clash bots, containing the URL “Tinderverified”.

Plan to meet for a coffee date on mutual territory very soon after initiating contact. Remember, nothing is real on the Internet, even someone appears to be your soul mate.

It's all fantasy until you are face to face and spend time together.

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If you find multiple profiles using different names/locations you know you've found a scammer.